Happy Re-Birthday To Me

This morning I was pulled from sleep by the sound of gusting wind and cold rain drops smacking against the windows. My eyes slowly opened and took it in. Not just another rainy birthday, but a Nor’easter has come to usher me into my 40th year. Yet, somehow today feels different. There has been shift somewhere deep inside of myself.

I laid there waiting to feel the usual disappointment wash over me. It didn’t come. Instead, my bed felt cozy and my heart was warmed by the morning sounds of my family. Dog collar jingling, baby babbles and giggles. David brought me breakfast in bed. He took the day off to be with me, knowing that the birthday rain might make me sad. He gave me a beautifully written card. My children squeezed me tight and peppered my face with kisses. Stella licked my hand and wiggled into my lap.

The clock tells me that I’m halfway through my 40th birthday and I feel good. My heart is full and my mind isn’t racing. This is one of those rare days were I am just being. Hearing the music, playing in the bath with Kate and writing. I like the rain today. This is a good birthday.


  1. Sounds like a great birthday spent with some great people and friends. Hope it was a great one! Happy Birthday Kelli!

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