What’s Your Story?

Suddenly it seems that everyone has a ghost story, doesn’t it? I chalk it up to the fact that ghost shows are a hot commodity on television right now. There are ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, celebrity ghost stories, animal encounters with the spirit world and even a psychic who travels around the country to deliver personal messages from beyond. I’ll admit, I’ve watched my fair share. I tend to pick and choose who or what I believe based on their explanations of the experience.

When a person is describing an experience with a spirit and says “suddenly all the hairs on my body stood up” or “every time I was just dozing off, I heard a voice”, or “I smelled perfume/cigarettes/pipe smoke” …I tend to believe them because these things have happened to me. They sometimes describe a few of the feelings I’ve experienced over a lifetime. So in the spirit (pun intended) of all things October and my quest to embrace the season, I think I might post a few of my own ghostly encounters over the next few weeks…but which ones?

Feel free to share… who doesn’t love a good ghost story?


  1. Slidecutter says:

    We would all like to think that there is something beyond the life we've come to know. Words from a song called "Believe" by Brooks & Dunn…."You can't tell me it all ends…in a slow ride in a hearse" hold out hope that, as the singing duo states.. "this can't be all there is".

    Do I believe in Ghosts? Hell yes! Some people may have so much unfinished business at the time of their passing that they end up sticking around in some vaporous form, still trying to tie up all the loose ends they left behind.

    Others might be so happy to embark on a new adventure on "the other side" that they just fade away into distant memories in our minds even though we would love a ghostly visit from them…now and then.

    My one experience happened several years ago while spending a week-end in Gettysburg. I got up at the crack of dawn, armed with my old workhorse Nikon camera, and sat in the fields near Bushman Farm. The temps were already beyond warm, the air was hauntingly still. I sat, taking pics of a beautiful sunrise and…suddenly my body started shivering. Goosebumps were everywhere; hair stood up on my arms and a feeling of intense cold gripped the back of my neck and shoulders. Going with the moment, I softly spoke and asked whoever it was to just sit and talk with me for a while. The feeling of being enveloped in cold continued for several minutes until a warm breeze came out of nowhere and the cold disappeared.

    Bushman Farm was a battlefield and, like most of Gettysburg, a graveyard; a place where so many spirits still roam…and reach out.

  2. Creepy, Patty. I've always wanted to visit Gettysburg.Thanks for sharing 🙂

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