I Am Six. Hear Me Roar!

Nothing sums up life in the Faherty household quite as well as the following…My friends, feast your eyes upon Joe’s first grade school picture.

His sixth year will go down in history as the year that picture retake day coincided with “pajama day”. I will forever hold the memory of adamantly instructing him over and over and over again that he was under NO CIRCUMSTANCES to remove his blue chambray button down shirt from Crewcuts until AFTER the picture was taken. This will be remembered as the year that my mommy instincts told me that shirt was coming off the minute the classroom door snapped closed behind me. Spiderman always wins, doesn’t he?

Our usual familial chaos caused us to miss the first photo day. The picture you are looking at was our one and only shot at recording him in his 6-year-old glory. Yet, something about it screams, Look! You’ve captured my essence! Is it the crazed look in his eyes, paired with the fake smile aimed at showcasing his newly missing tooth? No, I think not. The entire photo showcases Joe and his fantastic sense of self. His smile is confident. He feels cool. He’s making eye (camera) contact…a rare thing for Joe. He clearly felt good when the photographer snapped this bound-to-become Faherty folklore shot. He hasn’t been tainted by self-doubt and remains blissfully clueless to the humor. He simply feels invincible in this photograph. I can see it written all over his face.

He exited the bus on picture day happy as a clam. You see, I had let go of my need to control the minutiae of life and let Joe pick the background of his 1st grade picture. Laser beams aren’t generally my style. At all. Laser beams paired with cheesy Spiderman pajamas is my worst nightmare. “Don’t worry, Mom” he said, “The picture people thought it was really cool!” I bet they did, Joe. I bet they did.

You know what, buddy? I think it’s really cool too. There will be no better record of your 6th year of life. I love you and your Spiderman jammies. Don’t grow up too soon, my little boy.




  1. Can't stop it. Brandon hit seven and we recently converted our dv tapes to digital and rewatched his childhood videos. Long gone is that little boy who's favorite animal was the "flagingo" and gave me the biggest hugs every day when ingot home from work. Now in his place is a smart little man and sometimes smart aleck-y who participates in boy scouts and sports and other older kid activities. Cherish every moment – even the crappy ones – because once they're gone – they're gone. Living in only memory and in digital cameras.

  2. LOVE the picture! Very cool! And perfect to show to girls when he's a teenager 🙂

  3. It is now proudly displayed in it's frame along with all the other photos in the family room. What a guy!

  4. Slidecutter's comment just made me laugh (I just finished reading your last post)!
    I love the photo. He is such a good looking boy. 🙂

  5. melody-mae says:

    I popped over here from 'the love of blogs' and well you had me at 'hello'! I am a new follower. I loved reading the last 3 entries, you have a fun way of writing and I am looking forward to reading more!!


  6. I love it! School pics are always somewhat of a joke around here…none of them turn out as hoped. But that's the beauty in them. I look at each of them and there is a story behind my little man's smile…an unspoken swagger of self-confidence…and it makes me smile!!

  7. Kel, this totally reminds me of Nick's daycare pic last year. I told his dad that I already paid for the pics and all he had to do was make sure he was wearing clean, matching clothes since he would be at his house the night before pictures.

    Low and behold, when I picked up Nick all of the employees told me how they tried to salvage his outfit he had been sent in…full body photo with a red Cars shirt, brown and orange running pants that were too short, and navy blue socks. I cried when I walked out. They knew I would be upset.

    When the pictures arrived, I smiled and let out a laugh. It really wasn't that important to get so upset over. He had probably dressed himself that day.

    Joe is so cute and pictures show our kids personalities. 🙂


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