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Ah, winter in Maine…If you happen to be a faithful reader, you know of my borderline-deranged attachment to the beach and all things summer. If you are just joining me, welcome! My name is Kelli and I love summer and the ocean, preferably at the same time.
Late January has rolled around and I have just about had it up to here (that’s somewhere around the middle of my forehead) with 10 degree weather and blizzards. Why, just yesterday I shook my fist at the Gods of Snow and cursed them for causing yet another snow day. Perhaps sensing that I was teetering upon the brink of utter insanity, David arranged for a babysitter this afternoon. We had five – yes, you read that right, FIVE hours sans children. Come on…say it with me:
Today was supposed to be spent reading yet another memoir and wrapping up loose ends on my MFA application due in..jeez, one week and three days. Instead of hunkering down and being a hermit all day, I skipped. I ditched… played hooky and you know what? It was fun. I can’t tell you the last time that Dave and I spent five hours alone. We took advantage of our temporary freedom with a trip to Freeport.
If you aren’t from Maine, or haven’t been lucky enough to visit yet, Freeport is home of the LL Bean flagship store. It is also filled with outlet shopping and a Starbucks. Don’t forget the venti non-fat latte! Mostly, Freeport is home to one of my favorite stores. Until today, I have only ever gone in and wistfully stared. It’s hard to rationalize a purchase when you have three children to feed, clothe and entertain. Today we almost walked by. My heart wasn’t into shopping. It’s been so darn long since I’ve actually gone shopping unfettered, that I think I’ve forgotten how to do it. Dave, sensing that the world was off-kilter, grabbed my hand and led me into my favorite Freeport haunt. Sea Bags.
Weird, I know…just this past week I was raving about Sea Bags on the Narragansett No. 7 Facebook page. Having grown up on a beautiful lake in the Adirondack Mountains, I had the good fortune of learning to sail at a young age. To me, there is nothing quite as beautiful as watching a sail unfurl and fill with the wind. The crisp snap of the sail as the boat comes about and rides the wind across the lake is nearly magical. I miss sailing.
I discovered Sea Bags a few years ago. I was drawn to the window by the nautical colors. What I saw when I peered through the glass took my breath away. Totes made from recycled sails? Sheer genius. Alas, I admired them and their nautical glory from afar, wistfully sighing whenever I spotted a lady about town with that fantastic anchor tote slung over her shoulder. Like I said…three kids puts a damper on my purchasing power.
Well, the stars must have been aligning this week because Dave spied a bin of Sea Bags that were being offered at a steep discount. He bought me my first Sea Bag for the bargain basement price of $45! (Usually somewhere around $150.)
Hannah Kubiak, Sea Bags (who graciously allowed me to take her picture)
We also had the good fortune of meeting Hannah Kubiak, one of the co-owners of Sea Bags, who gave us a quick run down on the history of this Maine-based company. She gives credit to her dad, who founded Port Canvas, Co. in Kennebunkport, for coming up with the original Sea Bag…back when it was just a cool bag…made out of a sail. The bags are constructed from recycled sails right at 24-25 Custom House Wharf in Portland, Maine. I love that the company is staying true to it’s Maine heritage.

I love the notion that each bag possibly carried boats and the people who loved sailing them around the world. Someone struggled, waited, laughed, cursed at and then lovingly recycled their sail. My tote has a history. It has been filled with mysterious breezes, but I’ll never know it’s story. I can only imagine. Number 25 will accompany me to the beach this summer. In the meantime, it will be my reminder that there are only 60 more days until spring. Maybe this summer I’ll get one with a big ol’ No. 7 sewed on.

If you are interested in owning a Sea Bag, or just reading about this cool, Maine-based business head over to and check them out. If you plan on visiting Maine, stop in and check out one or both of their locations.

P.S. I am in no way compensated for my post, I just like to share good stuff!

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  1. ProudUSARECWife says:

    Gorgeous bags!!! I must get one! And I have never been sailing but have always wanted to go. Now that I am living in NE and near water for once, I hope I get the chance to try it out.

    I am glad you and your husband had a wonderful time out together, alone. We as parents just don't make the time or can find the time to do that. We often lose ourselves to just being parents and forget to focus on being partners as well.

    Off to look at these beautiful bags.

  2. The Coexist Cafe says:

    That is SO cool, and I especially love the history behind them! Kind of reminds me of the things they sell in Key West — local, relevant, and most of all, absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

    YAY for alone time with your husband! I'm sure one of these days, it's going to mean just as much to me as it does to you. Kinda hard to imagine when you have him to yourself pretty much every day, lol.

    Good luck with the MFA application!! I'm pretty new here so I don't know too much about that; to where are you applying?

  3. well-to-do says:

    Loooooooooove Sea Bags! New follower from Bangor 🙂 Stop over and see us "well-to-do" girls sometime at

    Suz & Sarah (between us we own 5 Sea Bags -ha!)

  4. Those bags are beautiful! Congrats on getting one! It's gorgeous!!

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog and following! Right back atcha!!

    Cute blog here! Love!!

    Hugs xxx

  5. What a great idea! Your bag is lovely. Does the number 25 have any personal significance? Sometimes getting yourself something special can make all the difference (along with a shake-up of the normal routine!)

  6. Slidecutter says:

    Reading this post brought back a rare good memory of my father who loved sailing more than anything. He owned a magnificent 36' Gaff Rigged Cutter, built in the 20's, which he restored and sailed in many Block Island races years ago; had a similar bag made for me by one of his yacht club buddies from one of the original mainsails on my father's boat. Sadly, it was one of many items my mother discarded when dementia took control of her mind.

    Good for you and Dave in getting out and away from your three wonderful madnesses; everybody needs a holiday..some time away. (I love that BeeGee's song)

    Enjoy your new treasure and think ahead to sunny days and sand between your toes.

  7. thefancyflea says:

    I love the idea behind the Sea Bags – plus they're totally gorgeous!

    I hope you enjoyed your 5 hours of freedom, sounds like you really needed it to recharge.

    Enjoy your new treasure! ♥

    P.S I hope both of our money dreams are good omens! xx

  8. Sparkling says:

    yeah, i don't know about those bags. they have become quite the rage and i've seen them at craft fairs for the past couple of years. i think everyone now thinks they will just grab old sails and make bags. i think they are very overpriced for something that's being recycled!! i dunno.

    you got the snow day i thought i was going to get but didn't. such a sad day when you haven't slept because you kept waiting for the phone to ring and tell that blissful statement- no school. and then it's 6:30 and the phone never rang. growl.

  9. @Sparkling, I'm thinking that if you saw them at a craft fair you might have been seeing knock-offs. 🙁 I really feel good about supporting a local business that is dedicated to keeping their product local and high quality…maybe it goes back to the love of sailing.
    @Ada, no connection to 25 other than it stood out amongst the others. I think i might get a custom "No. 7" though.
    @Co-Exist…I am applying to USM and Goddard so far…fingers crossed. Long day of essay writing and pillow beckons!

  10. Oh, and a big thanks you to everyone for stopping by and taking the time to leave a note! xo

  11. The Coexist Cafe says:

    Oh man, you'll definitely have to let us know how it goes! 😀 I applied for an MFA at DH's alma mater the same time as he applied for his MSMSA, and didn't make it… but I wasn't surprised, they only took a handful of applicants out of a pool of well over a hundred. Plus, I was just out of undergrad, lol.

    Anyway, I'm sure you'll have much better luck; you're an incredible writer! Do you know what you want to do with your degree after you graduate? Personally, I expect to see you on bookshelves. Both B&N and my own. 😉

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