Snow Fort Time Machine

If 30 years ago, someone had told me that one day I would be able to lay inside of a snow fort, play video games and talk to my friends on a tiny computer, I would have thought that person had watched one too many episodes of the Jetson’s. Yet, just the other day Gwen and I spent an hour digging a snow fort into the ginormous pile of snow next to the driveway and I found myself doing each of those things for some time before realizing how ridiculously odd it was.

When I began the fort, I simply made it large enough to hold my little Gwennie. She climbed in and curled up to wave at the camera. As I snapped a few shots, I got jealous. I remembered being small enough to crawl inside many snow forts. Suddenly, I was overcome with the need to expand the fort. After all, there are no rules stating that snow fort inhabitants must be under five feet tall. Gwen and I dug for a while longer until, finally, we both fit inside at the same time. We shared juice boxes and took pictures of each other. I must say, Gwen didn’t necessarily capture me at my best, but we certainly had a lovely time.

At some point, Gwen got bored and bailed on the fort, leaving me alone in the silence of my freshly dug snow cave. I had forgotten how silent the world becomes when encapsulated in snow. I simply laid back and enjoyed the peace of the moment. At my feet, the circular view of the world outside told me that it would wait, alongside all of the responsibilities that come with being a mother and wife. My applications and essays beckoned, yet, I found myself shirking my duties to travel back in time. I hid inside my snow fort and became 10 again.

I pulled out my phone and snapped a few more photos. I Facebooked. I played Angry Birds. I marveled at what one can do these days, from the inside of a modern snow fort. I was wondering what the interiors of snow forts would hold when Gwen reaches the ripe old age of 40. Would she still build snow forts with her children? Would she remember the magic? Suddenly, Gwen’s round little face filled the entrance and interrupted my thoughts. “Um…Mommy? Are you going to come out of there now?”

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  1. Slidecutter says:

    Males can have their "man caves"…Mommies should definitely have their personal Snow Fort..where geographical location, and weather, allows.
    This so reminds me of a favorite book.."A Room of Her Own"; every woman needs one.

  2. That is too awesome. I want to build a snow fort! haha!

  3. I'm contemplating going outside to hide in there right now! 😉

  4. That looks like a lot of sun. Since we don't have snow here and growing up in a place where there is no snow, I have to tell you that I've never been in a snow fort. Heck, I haven't even built a snow man… ever! Maybe when N is a little older, we can drive up to the mountains during winter and do all those things. 🙂

  5. so funny, what we take for granted! There is nothing quite as magical as a snow fort. Someday, need to come visit Maine 🙂 House swap?

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