As a mother, there are some experiences that just aren’t cool. Children have habit of saying the worst things at the most inappropriate of times. For example, when sitting in a dark and quiet movie theater watching Tangled, don’t announce to the masses that the villainess’ rant “sounds just like you mommy!” Really? Let’s rewind the day, honey.

I believe that upon awakening, you dined on a breakfast of French toast with strawberries and crème fraiche. Yes, that’s right. I whipped up a batch of crème fraiche for the ungrateful little b…. ummm, girl.

If I recall correctly, we then played “Beauty Salon” in my bathroom. It wasn’t especially fun or easy to paint each of your teeny, tiny fingernails and toes that appalling shade of green, but I did it anyway. Because I love you. I let you slap the hideous black nail polish over the entire end of each of my fingers. Exactly when, by the way, did skin and knuckles become part of a manicure? Perhaps you picked black because you find that color fitting for a crazy, selfish villainess like me?

We then retired to your bedroom where I was forced to sit through a painfully long and indecisive viewing of each of your tacky princess gowns. Let me tell you something, sister…a few of them are looking a little rough around the edges. You’d put Cinderella to shame in some of those rags you call gowns. Alas, we settled on the (busted) pink one. You know, the one with all the holes? You looked simply stunning.

We bid the rest of the family a fond farewell and lunched at that establishment of fine cuisine known as “Bumblebees”. For those of you who aren’t as smart and beautiful as the Princess, that’s Applebee’s-but don’t try to correct her or all hell will break loose. (Not really, but a theme seems to have developed here.)

Of course, we ordered your favorite, chicken nuggets and French fries. Far be it from me to criticize your developing palate, but really…aren’t you getting at all tired of processed chicken parts? I’m sorry the French fries were covered with bwack fings (black things). That’s called pepper and no, I don’t know why they put bwack fings on the fwies at Bumblebees.

I hope you understand that your loud comparison of me to the evil woman in Tangled was both humiliating and, well…funny. I have no idea why you got embarrassed and bent out of shape when the entire upper portion of the theater laughed for a painfully long amount of time in the wake of your declaration. Once the theater patrons stopped laughing at us, I was cool. The amused looks and statements of “ha ha, that was the funniest thing I ever heard,” from the audience when the lights came up was awesome. Truly awesome.

Mostly, it was just a good day with my funny little four year old girl.

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  1. Missy (& various in Transplant blog) says:

    Haha!! I have yet to endure a painful public "outing" such as this in the movie theater. I said "yet". (=

    But I can safely say your cutie and my littlest one would be a PERFECT BFF match up..But not out in public. *hehe*

  2. No. Definitely behind closed doors!! But we'd have some good laughs 🙂

  3. kimberwick says:

    I had a similiar "NO? ReallY?" experience during Where the Wild Things Are when Elijah compared me to Carol during his freak out scene… How about no one listens to me until I use the monster voice?
    (I have to admit, there were some similarities which probably helped raise the indignation flag.)

  4. The Bumblebees part made me laugh out loud.

  5. Bumblebees is putting bwack tings on their French fries?! I understand her horror! Sounds like a fun day.

  6. Hahahahaha, I love it! I am sorry, but I think that it's really cute and funny what she did at the theater. I wanna share what happened 2 Christmases ago, my then 5-year-old niece gave my mom a present from my sister. As my mom opens the present in front of everyone, she says, "Grandma, that's mommy's gift but since she didn't like it, it's your gift now!" Hahaha. It was really funny but can you imagine what her mommy thought of it? lol.
    Kids say the darndest things!

  7. Too funny, Kitten!! If you're re-gifting NEVER let the kiddos in on the secret. A similar thing happened when my sister in law re-gifted an outfit to my daughter at her baptism. Her older daughter yelled, "Hey, that's our dress!" OOOPS.

    I must say, the bwack fings are rather perplexing…Bumblebees needs to take the kiddos into consideration. 🙂

  8. This is too funny! Love the story! Thanks for the smiles!

  9. Oh wow, kids say the craziest things. I'm sure there are moments when I sound like a Disney villain to my kids too, LOL. Too funny. 🙂 You sound like a very fun mom, though, and I am sure she knows it!

    -The Menu Mama

  10. Holy crap that is too funny!! But I'm sorry in the same breath. My kids do things like that to me all the time…the little brats! Love the take on your day-from YOUR point of view. TOO FUNNY!!

  11. that is the funniest thing ever!

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