Cue the Crying

Dim the lights! Cue the princess music! Illuminate the castle and send Jasmine out! Is that woman in section T, row 15, seat 14 trying not to cry?

What? At least I’m man enough to admit it. The Disney species of princess make me cry. I don’t know why. Is it the music? The gowns? The castle? The last time I was exposed to the princesses en masse was March of 2006. Gwen was just a bun in the proverbial oven as I stood in front of Cinderella’s castle during some kind of Disney Princess extravaganza, sobbing. I was a weird 30-something pregnant woman blubbering at the vision of fake royalty waltzing with their princes on the grand staircase of the castle.

I remember pushing my little boy’s stroller toward the castle and hearing the grand announcement of Ariel and Prince Eric, followed by Snow White and Prince Whosey Whatsey and the guy who got hitched to Belle. Did we ever find out that guy’s name, or does she still refer to him as ‘Beast’? Maybe she really is a peculiar girl… Anyway, there I stood with my eyes glued to the girls and their princes waltzing around when I felt the overwhelming sting of tears working their way up the pipeline. I bit my lip, I took a deep breath, I looked away and shifted on my feet, but there was no stopping the flow. I let my freak flag fly under the guise of emotions run by pregnancy hormones, but the truth of the matter is that to this day, I have no friggin’ idea why the hell I was bawling.

Today I took Gwen to Princesses on Ice. The overture announcing the arrival of a princess boomed throughout the Civic Center, the lights twinkled and danced, then Jasmine skated into view. The ol’ pipeline started to trickle and threatened to spring a leak. Thankfully I was able to call myself a jackass and turn off the spigot. I was fine until the end of the show when those stinking princesses went and lined up on the stairs with their princes. Maybe it was the gowns, or the music. Mostly, I think it was the delight in my little girl’s sparkling eyes as she clapped and danced with excitement. I realized how quickly time has passed since my Disney World princess/pregnancy-induced outburst. Back then, my baby was just a bump. Four years has assigned the bump a sex, name and terrific personality. I’ve spent the past four years falling in love with a beautiful princess.

The waterworks flowed as those princesses stood on the steps waving and waltzing, but mostly my tears were tears of joy and wonder as I watched my girl’s face.

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  1. Tales of a Hockey Wife says:

    I hear you!! From the moment I had children, I cry when I see commercials, Oprah, Extreme Makeover….etc.! I cannot help it, as I am either sad-crying, or happy-crying, or sentimental-crying!! My daughter looks at me and roles her eyes!

    Great post!


  2. IzzyBsMama says:

    I totally cried during Princesses on Ice…it was the pure joy on Iz's face and in her eyes that did me in. What can I say? When my little princess is overjoyed, I turn into a blubbering mess 🙂

    Glad you girls had fun….next year, let's go together, shall we? I'll bring the tissues!!!

  3. melody-mae says:

    I personally have not been to Princesses on Ice but have been to many events that have brought on the water-works as well. I LOVE it! sometimes those tears spring up so darn fast I don't know what to do! Just another sap!!!! LOL thanks for the honest post.

  4. Btw, I sing through The Sound Of Music and Annie too.

    Oops, did I just overshare and made myself so uncool??

  5. I don't think Disney Princesses have that effect on me (or should I wait until N is 4 years before I make that statement?). For now, the only effect is SINGING. Every time I watch a Disney Princess movie, I have to sing with the princess songs through the entire movie… even if I don't know the lyrics.

  6. Damn onions.

    I'm looking forward to taking my sprout when we go back. I'm going to go absolutely hogwild buying all that ludicrously overpriced paraphernalia.

    I like to think that the Beast's name was Ted.

  7. IzzyBsMama says:

    The Beasts' name is Prince Adam (never mentioned in the film but I heard it somewhere along the way – maybe a Disney trivia game?). The only "prince" that's never been named is in Snow White.

    Yes, I'm a geek 🙂

  8. I don't think the Beast got a name. In the fairy tale he actually remains a beast. Kind of weird whichever way you look at it.

    This was a great post!

  9. I think I like Ted better than Prince Adam.

    I'm a snob about Fairy Tales and have all of my childhood books where tiny children were swallowed by toads and abandoned by parents. I believe that Beauty's father actually traded his youngest daughter to the Beast to save his own life. So basically, he engaged in the trafficking of a minor female.
    @Kitten – Much to Gwen's chagrin, I can't help but belt out anything from Annie, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and Grease. Don't forget Grease!
    @Izzy'sMom – it's a date!

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