A Few of My Favorite Things…

Sometimes I go on a little shopping trip in Nevergonnahappenville. You know…the kind of shopping trip where you enter Bergdorf’s via Internet and go bat-shit crazy, filling up your cart with Blahniks and Choos and Marc Jacobs? When I’m done with my faux shop I like to take a gander at the damage I would have caused if I’d actually entered my credit card information. The grand total is generally enough to make me gasp and move along. Shop over. Hey, look! Reality’s knocking and it wants to punch me in the face.

I used to do that a lot.

These days I sometimes find myself perusing one of my favorite websites for household objects – mostly small and less expensive reproductions of expensive old things. Tonight the kids were animals, Blogger continues to evoke feelings of rage and potential violence against my laptop, so I checked out and went virtual shopping. Still riding my Brimfield high, here’s what I bought.

Bee Skep – Farmhouse Wares  
Vintage style striped table runner – Farmhouse Wares
White enamelware pitcher – Farmhouse Wares
Numbered jars – Farmhouse Wares
Preserved boxwood wreaths – Farmhouse Wares
Cloche – Farmhouse Wares

You can find all of these items at Farmhouse Wares and take a moment to check out their blog here.


  1. Julie {love, julie} says:

    I love all this stuff, I can't wait to look at the rest of their site!

  2. Slidecutter says:

    Love that Cloche…right up my alley. Have made Boxwood Wreaths, some that I've managed to preserve, along with a few huge Grapevine ones. I need to get back into my crafts and bring my workshop back to life, along with a zillion other things.

    Great site, thanks for sharing. Glad to see your post. Visited last night and got a Host Gator page. Blogger continues to screw around with everyone.

    • I wish I had the patience, no…that’s not right. I wish I had the attention span to make my own preserved boxwood wreath. I need a big, giant wreath that I can hang outside on our side entry porch against the shakes. Something to contrast the New England washed/faded shingles.

  3. Look at you, all moved. I’m so proud!

    Those are fun things. The jars are my favorite. Now I will have to go check this website out and so my own virtual shopping.

    • Look at me! I love that I can reply to comments now. This might prove to be dangerous.

      I’m a sucker for numbered anything. Especially if it’s my lucky No. 7!

  4. Haha, too funny. I love doing that too. Filling up my online cart with 1000s of dollars worth of stuff and just pretending like I could have it all. Love that farm house collection you have going on there!

    • There’s something really terrifying about how quickly I’d be able to spend $10,000! It simultaneously freaks me out and makes me question my sanity.

  5. I hate to post a link to my blog in your comments, Kelli, but we really are related. Seriously. http://my3littlebirdsblog.com/2011/03/a-few-things-on-friday.html
    Love, your brotha from anotha mutha

    • I love it, Mary Lauren! I’m guessing you would have had a great time at Brimfield as well. Out of everything, those numbered jars are calling my name.

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