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Flow it, show it

Long as God can grow it

My hair. – Hair


What does one do when held prisoner by the rain for two whole days? What’s the best way to liven up the first official (crummy) week of summer vacation? Why, you cut your own hair, silly!

Camera Dodging

How delightfully naughty it is to grasp those Crayola safety scissors and, emboldened by your big brother, begin that first snip. Actually, given your choice of  scissor, the more appropriate description of what you did might be “hack” and “saw”. Yes, that is precisely what you did to that first chunk of hair. Those safety scissors are so far from sharp. With their assistance, you effectively created a series of jagged frizzy clumps.

I’ll hand it to you, that section right in front of your eyes is hot. Who needed that five inches of hair anyhow? Not Gwen! She didn’t stop there either. Clearly, she was girl consumed. By the end of her haircut she had removed five to eight inch lengths of hair from various points around her head. She didn’t discriminate. She wisely cut just the very top layers, leaving what the chicest of four year old’s might consider hair-turned-art. One might even call it edgy…trendsetting, if you will. Why, when she passes the other girls at Gymboree, they’ll sigh with envy at the sophistication of Gwen’s freshly cleaved tresses. (Excuse me while I go clear this lump of sarcasm from my throat.)

Imagine a style that encompasses all of the major styles of the late 20th century and that’s what Gwen has so artfully created. A little bit of Farrah, a skosh of the Achy Breaky and hearty nod toward the Jennifer, circa Friends, 1995.

They didn’t tell me about Friday’s styling session. I first noticed on Saturday morning as I brushed her (once gorgeous) locks before a birthday party.

“I love it!” she declared.

Daddy found the hair piled in the bathroom wastebasket. As if we wouldn’t see it there. I found more on the playroom floor, more still in the hallway and finally, this afternoon I discovered one 8 inch length hidden beneath the drop leaf table at the bottom of the stairs.


As much as I’d love to provide you with a picture of her new  ‘do, I can’t. She has been successfully dodging the Paparazzi since Saturday.

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  1. this is awesome! My middle daughter did that when she was small. She was cutting her Barbie’s hair when I noticed some long RED curls mixed in with the Barbie hair…she had taken a whole chunk of her gorgeous long red curly hair and chopped it right above the ear! Luckily it was underneath and could be covered up with the longer pieces. 🙂 Oh the joy!!!

    • What a smart girl you have there, Melody. She cut underneath? Now that’s almost an acceptable when cutting your own hair!

  2. Oh wonderful…not!

    I’ve had clients drag their kids in to get their hair “fixed” after similar episodes. Can’t tell you how many little girls hacked-off their bangs to about 1/4 of an inch or…reached in the back and cut a huge hair-hole which couldn’t be covered up.

    Then, there were those who managed to get chewing gum in their tresses and Mom was the guilty party, cutting here and there to get the sticky Bazooka out.

    Traci needs to get up to Maine for some emergency Gwen re-styling!

    • Patty, I’m not sure Traci can fix what she’s got going on right now. Maybe. She left length…in some spots.

  3. I totally did this when I was little. With safety scissors. Perched, tiptoed, on the bathroom stool in front of the mirror. *snip, snip, snip* Right before we were supposed to go on vacation. My mom was HORRIFIED; I remember not getting what the big deal was. Not sure I learned my lesson; I developed a very “hey it’s hair, it’ll grow back!” attitude towards the whole thing. Sounds like Gwen’s hair-do is “fixable” but bummer though . . .

    • I have to admit, it’s making me laugh. A lot. Thankfully, we have no real plans for the next couple of weeks. By September it should be A-Okay.

  4. Oh, no! I’m trying to imagine what this ‘do might look like…I can only hope that the camera dodging doesn’t last forever. When I was little, I took after my Barbies’ hair with safety scissors. By the time I was done, an unGodly number of my dolls were sporting “pixie cuts.” I wasn’t ever much of a doll sort of girl, anyway…I mean, what was I supposed to do with them if I didn’t hack their hair off?

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t as brave and cutting edge as Gwen. Never had the guts to cut my own hair. 🙂

  5. I am so glad my daughter has not cut her own hair. She has a lot of hair and it is very curly. I would be so sad if a big chunk was missing, unless it made it easier to comb.

    One of her close friends recently died his hair, he is 4 and his older cousins were in town and died their hair and he joined in. Any way, after my daughter saw her friends hair she wanted to die her hair.

    I am a choose your battles kinda mama, but I was not going for the hair die- she is 5, not 15. I offered to get her some pink clip ins instead.

    Just thought I would share my summer hair story.

  6. Ok, at first, I must admit, I had to laugh and then I remembered that the universe watches me like a hawk and that my four year old knows where we keep the scissors.

    Why do all kids seem to think this is some kind of rite of passage?

    So, are you going to let her rock her do or are you going to get it fixed up?

  7. Bless hear heart. My brother helped to cut my cousin’s hair when we were little. A nice square in the middle of her straight bangs. The mom’s were thrilled.
    I can see what she would be avoiding the paparazzi, its hard when you start a new fashion trend. Everyone wants a piece of you.


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