It’s my turn…I think!

There is magic in long-distance friendships.  They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.  ~Diana Cortes

Great quote isn’t it?  In a way, it sums up the relationships we have with each other here in the Land of Blog.  I’m Patty from Another cookie, please and I am…a Writeaholic.  Sometimes.

Once again, I’m attempting to contribute a worthwhile guest post for my friend Kelli who just returned home from a ten-day college excursion which heralded the beginning of her quest to gain her MFA in Creative Writing.  Rumour has it that she headed straight for some sleep in her big comfy bed but I’d imagine that, in her head, the wheels are spinning fast with endless stories about her stay in the prison cell dorm along with interesting quips about the other inmates students in residence.  I, for one, cannot wait until Kelli hits her blog running again.  I need my No.7 fix…badly!

I follow a line of some wonderful bloggers who have each contributed posts over the last days; Diana, Eden, Amber, Mary Lauren, Mollie and Katie.  Sadly, I cannot offer Kelli’s readers anything that compares with the quality of what these ladies have posted on her behalf.

I’ll just ramble.  That’s what I do best.  Right before Kelli left, she sent a message to her victims guest posters and I’m sharing that, along with my critique…

First, I apologize for being a truly sucky blog friend, reader and comment provider over the past few weeks. I’ve been buried.

Like, she needed to explain this??  She’s a mom with three young, and very active, children who manages her lovely family, a home and a fabulous blog.  Sucky?  I think not!

That said, please feel free to tell me to go straight to…well, a not very nice place, because I know you’re all very busy as well. BUT, if anyone is interested in guest posting while I’m away let me know. You’re all my personal favorites for so many reasons so I won’t be offended if you can’t do it. Please don’t feel obligated. I’ll still love you lots.

How could I possibly expand on unconditional love.  We all need that, Kelli.  Thank you!  But, if you think that, for one moment, any one of us would have skipped doing a guest post and have you publicly lambaste us for non-compliance (or some other big-worded, demeaning description citing human failure) you are sadly mistaken.  We love you lots right back!

 Either way, I’ll be living in a dorm a la Will Ferrell in Old School…hopefully gathering juicy blog posts to share upon my return. Pray for me.

Kelli, we all prayed every step of your way, asking Him to let your incredible writing talent shine above everyone else’s.  We know your capabilities and that this golden ring that you’ve reached out to grab belongs to you and you alone!  Some of us (like me) live vicariously through you and look forward to your great success as the Writer you were meant to be. 

Continue to make us proud…and make sure you spell our names right on the dedication page of your first book.






  1. Here Here!! A great post singing the praises of a great writer who hopefully strutted her stuff for that “famous writer” who was critiquing her work for the past 10 days. We all look forward to the great stories she has to tell. Patty, a well done “rambling” my friend!

  2. Patty, this was awesome!!! I love how you supported our blog friend! That’s what I love the most about blogging…all the support I receive, and hopefully give too 🙂
    Great job!

  3. Patty you are adorable!! I agree with you about our dear Kelli and all the rest of us (yes, me too; trying to love myself so I’m going to politely thank you and also concur, haha!) And I must also agree with Diana – Kelli we can’t WAIT to hear from you!!!!!

    And also with Jen – the support we get from our froggers (friends who are bloggers, long story, just go with it) is truly THE BEST. I have an incredibly supportive husband and family… but I have to say that when you are writing something down in black-and-white, it’s SOUL-BARING in the most vulnerable way. How miraculous is it that we have this way to connect with one another and get to know each other on such an intimate level, AND come away each day feeling validated, appreciated, and loved??? Pretty big risk, but unbelievable dividends. 🙂

    Thanks again Patty!!! LOVE your “ramblings.”

  4. Patty! This was perfect however, I need a private rambling session soon! XOXOXOX

  5. Patty, this made me tear up! You’re such a wonderful lady and a truly WONDERFUL writer. When you “ramble,” it’s poetry to me.

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