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We all have a pair of shoes that tell a story. It may be a story remembered or a story that never happened, but shoes can speak volumes, after all they’ve walked many miles. This week we want you to take a picture of your favorite pair of shoes (or a pair of shoes with a story) and tell the story of those shoes. Where have they been? Where will they take you? Let the shoes do the talking!


Hey, what did we do before children? I can’t remember.

I don’t know…we went out dinner, traveled a bit, cocktails. We just walked a lot.

Remember when we used to go shopping on Newbury Street then meet up with the Alden’s at Cigar Masters?

Oh, right. I remember that! They’re so handsome. Then we’d walk across the street and check out the scene at Saks.

Mmmm hmmm…and sometimes we’d even take gorgeous couple home with us.

So naughty…even when we knew we shouldn’t do it.

Remember that time we went back to New York and ran into all those old shoes?

Oh my God. Are you talking about that time that we ran into the old sneakers? What were their names…?

..The Nikes.

Right, the Nikes! But we looked good that night!

Damn good!

Those old things didn’t expect to see us walk into that bar.

What about that French bistro in Beacon Hill…

Pierrot Bistro Francais?

Yes, that’s the place. We went there a few times.

Of course. I loved it because the walk from the parking lot to the restaurant was easy.

Right…no cobblestones.


I’ll never forget that night we tried to walk on the cobblestones a Faneuil Hall.

Well, those cocktails sure didn’t help!


At least there was no permanent damage.



I miss us. I miss those times. I feel boxed in.

It’ll get better.

Seriously, I can’t live like this. I can’t stand this tiny box anymore. I need to get out and live a little! We barely even talk to our friends anymore. For God sake, they’re shut-ins now too!

Those really tall black ones must be going crazy…what were their names?

The Gucci’s.

Oh, right…The Gucci’s…

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m kind of glad to see all those Blahniks get knocked off their high horse. What a bunch of elitists.

Hey, Jimmy?

Yeah, Choo?

Do you think she’ll mow the lawn with us on her feet again this summer?

I hope so Choo…I hope so, because I think our glamour-filled nights are over.

At least we’re still the favorites. Thank God we’re pink.



  1. You are so freaking talented 🙂

    • The words, “My prompt response sucks today” literally just fell out of my mouth. So…thank you!

  2. Oh my gosh…I absolutely love this!! From the puns, being “boxed in”, to the gorgeous pic of the pink Jimmy Choo’s. This was AWESOME!!

  3. Awesome! Really, Kelly. This was just what I was imagining when Patty sent the prompt idea last week. I kept trying to come up with something good like this and just totally failed this week. You captured the attitude of the shoes so well…love how you made the conversation that of a couple talking about other couples…really that’s just what shoes are!

  4. Love this!

    Could envision the stroll down Newbury Street and feel the pain navigating over those cobblestones; did that a few years ago wearing totally inappropriate shoes and after too many drinks during a hair show week-end.

    Your shoes need to start a blog of their own.

    • Nah…it would end up being a blog written by a bunch of washed up fancy bitches who scream hate-filled rants at j crew flip flops and a pair of Lucky wedges from last summer. Completely uninteresting.

  5. I love how you tackled this prompt! Those shoes- GORGEOUS, and even though you wrote from the perspective of an inatimate object, I actually sympthasized with the shoes.

  6. As soon as I read “mow the lawn with us AGAIN” I wanted to jump off my couch!!! I admire you!!! Loved, loved, loved this!!! Especially how the shoes were talking to one another!
    I guess we aren’t the only ones that some times miss the night life after children–sigh.—


  7. Love the boxed in pun. I’m terribly jealous of your shoe collection. Those shoes are gorgeous.

    And please tell me you actually mowed the lawn in Jimmy Choo’s.

  8. Hilarious! I love love love those Jimmy Choo’s-super jealous of your shoe collection 🙂

  9. Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it. You are AWESOME Kelli!!! You had me rolling again! This is adorable.

  10. What a clever way to do this prompt. *lol*

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