This Sleeping House {Guest Post featuring My 3 Little Birds}

Hi there. I’m Mary Lauren, and Kelli asked me to feed and water her blog while she’s away. Luckily it didn’t bite me when I entered…I have to say I was a little scared.

Seriously, I love No. 7 and Kelli so much and am really pleased to be posting here today. I hope you can stop by my blog, My 3 Little Birds, and say hi.

Today I’m sharing a poem I wrote a few months ago. This Sleeping House didn’t start out as a poem…I wrote the words first then gave myself permission to call it one. Maybe it’ll speak to you.

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This Sleeping House

This house sleeps. One dog at my feet, the other on the kitchen floor. My three year old, limbs sprawled across the couch, breathes deeply, dreaming of monkey bars and finger paint and matchbox cars.

I can imagine the other two upstairs: my daughter in her crib, clutching her pink blanket with one arm and holding her brother’s hand with the other in a dream. My seven year old is her hero. I ask her, “Who do you love the very, very most?” and she always says his name.

He is underneath his patchwork quilt, his favorite toy at his side. Tonight we read from Frog and Toad and reviewed his spelling words. Swooping. Harbor. Morning.

If I could, I would create a magic bubble and place my family inside it. I’d make a snow globe to keep them in. A dream, where this sleeping house could be forever.


  1. Only a loving mother could write such a post. One who doesn’t take her family for granted. And Mary is exactly that mother.

    Always such a pleasure to read a writing by Mary from my 3 Little Birds

  2. Ok, right away the first sentence made me giggle and then your poem blew me away.

    ML, you always, always, always blow me away.

    I just cherish the love between siblings. Is there anything more wonderful than watching your childrens’ love for one another flourish?

    Great post.

  3. Beautiful, ML….simple, sweet and heartwarming!

    I should have given you a few pointers about being in Kelli’s blog-house, told you where she hides the “good stuff” because, when I was here last, I snooped!!

    Wonderful post!!

  4. Oh my….a big lump in my throat after this one. You are such a genius writer, my dear!

  5. Just lovely. I remember the first time I read this…only shortly after “meeting” you. I think this poem helped me to fall in love with your words.

  6. Kelli @ No. 7 says:

    I’ve been so buried in words, words, words for the past few days that I fear I have nothing eloquent and beautiful to say. Your words moved me. They always do. I love that you always manage to ground me when I’m in the midst of a fragile psyche-state. You just sent me home and allowed me to see my own babies who I am missing ever so much right now. Thank you, ML!

  7. It made me google “when is a poem not a poem”… first hit? The Road Not Taken.

    Right now, Kiddo is asleep in her bed with fitful, coughing hackings. I know when I go in to check on her, I’ll find her asleep like I sleep; arms above her head, one leg bent up at the knee, the other crooked across it like she was sitting in church.


  8. This is beautiful!! While you’re at it, will you put my family in that magic bubble too?? XO

  9. Gorgeous Mary Lauren…simply gorgeous!

  10. Every word in this is music, and your pure, mama’s love shines through each and every word like sunshine through a flower! Every, single, word in this, ML. Every single word. X’s and O’s. It just made me want to hug you!

  11. Thank you all so much for leaving such thoughtful comments.

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