How To Compose Eye-Catching Notes

Joe loves words as much as I do. His spelling has really taken off and nearly matches his highly advanced vocabulary. Is there a parent in the world that isn’t thrilled when their 7 year old starts rattling off road signs and calling out the names of random road-side businesses? Why, just last Sunday we were driving through a town here in Maine where someone painted a house purple. I suppose it was painted with the intent of making it eye-catching or, the painter hoped to attract that segment of society that thoroughly enjoys the color purple. (Not the book, silly! The color.) That tiny purple house-turned-business certainly caught Joe’s eye!

“Hey! There’s a toy store for adults back there!”

“Huh…I guess we missed that, buddy.”

Other than swelling with pride upon discovering my son’s ability to locate sex-toy shops…“What’s linger-eee anyway?”  …I love finding his carefully composed notes tucked around the house. Phonetics clearly work for him.

I give him a big thumbs up for style. The bright orange PIS(S) juxtaposed with that faintly penciled ELMO on a torn scrap of paper is a terrific example of recycling, fine motor skills and spelling practice. It’s hard to squeeze PISS into a tiny triangular corner of scrap paper, y’all!

Maybe he gets his developing knack for composing eye-catching notes from me. I’ve found that notes are rarely ignored when written on things that one might not commonly associate with “list” material. For example, leftover quesadillas from Kate’s lunch at Chili’s make wonderful writing surfaces. Not only did I recycle, but that note was one hell of an attention grabber! Dave didn’t forget a single thing on the list!


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  1. Don’t be fooled. It totally sucks when your kids can read. I have 4 “readers”. They know exactly when school movie night is that I don’t intend on going to. They also know Santa’s handwriting is so, so similar to mine. They know when brussel sprouts are on the shopping list. I’d rather explain adult toys than all that crap. Kudos on the use of piss and in orange even. He earns extra points for style…

    • It does kind of suck…all that learning and stuff. For example, he can tell time now. In order to fake the 8:00 bedtime, we have to run around the house and advance all the clocks. It’s easier to suck it up and wait ’til 8:00.

      I’m waiting for that Santa/handwriting connection to click. However, I’m anal enough that I’ve perfected a style completely different than my own just for these purposes. I need a hobby.

  2. we do special Santa, Easter Bunny, AND Tooth Fairy handrwiting. If you’re ever running out of ideas, just write with your left hand. Or right hand, I guess, if you’re a lefty. Either way, they’ll NEVER figure it out. That’s what I tell myself.

  3. A quesadilla note. I’m impressed!

  4. When i read to my 1st grader before bed, the little bastard correct me when I skim words. Dude, I’m just trimming the fat. I’m not tossing the whole pig out. Gimme a break. Stupid reader….

  5. Ummm. The quesadilla note is a brilliant idea. I wouldn’t want to throw that in my purse so it would force me to carry it, unable to forget anything. Thanks for the tip.

    • I know. Genius right? If you don’t address the list in a timely fashion it starts to stink…it forces you to act.

  6. Oh how magical and mystical an “adult toy store” must seem to a child.

    I’m beyond impressed with his note-writing ability as well. I mean, what artistic vision he has. Obviously gonna be a writer like mom 🙂

  7. I just want to let you know I know exactly what store you’re talking about. I just drove by it on my way to Wal-Mart. My little friend already thinks it’s the coolest looking building in town, being purple and all.

    • Ha! I just laughed really hard. I’m glad I don’t have to pass it on the way to perform my weekly errands. I just know I’d be faced with a barrage of questions.

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