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This is one of those moments when I wish I was still blogging every day. That I was still actively involving myself in link-ups and writing prompts and commenting like crazy. It’s not that I don’t want to, I’m just concentrating on writing. I chose to turn around, retrace my steps and find the path I couldn’t follow all those years ago.

But I wish I was still out there speaking to all of you every day because I need your help. I’m hoping that those of you who visit No. 7 will take a moment to read about my friend Jessica.

Jessica is the mother of two beautiful little boys. Both boys are in preschool – the same preschool as Gwen. That’s where I met Jess.

You know how sometimes you meet someone and instantly feel goodness surrounding them? That’s what I got from Jess. But when we first met there was also a sense of sadness surrounding her that I couldn’t understand. Something was wrong. Back in September I didn’t know her well enough to ask why. I don’t like to pry.

It turns out Jessica’s best friend Karolina had passed away over the summer. She was young and vibrant and loved and she died quite suddenly from a brain aneurysm. I’ve learned this gradually.

For a while now Jessica has been having intense and painful headaches. She pushed her doctor to run tests to find the reason and I think her friend Karolina was guiding her to keep pushing for those tests.

Her doctor resisted at first but Jessica insisted. Jessica knew something wasn’t right. She was worried that maybe the headaches were a sign that she might have an aneurysm too.

Last week she found out she does not have an aneurysm.

She has a brain tumor.

She has two beautiful boys, a husband and friends who love her. Even those of us who haven’t known her for a terribly long time.

Maybe that’s because I spend time with her son at preschool. He’s sweet and thoughtful and like Jess – probably because of Jess – he’s the kind of person who makes you feel good.

I can’t begin to imagine the fear and stress that Jessica is experiencing as she waits for surgery on February 3rd. There are so many unknowns. She’s struggling with what, or how much, to tell her little boys. She’s busying herself with organizing her life so while she’s in the hospital her family will know what to do.

She’s started blogging about it. Writing through her fear, confusion and any other emotion that bubbles to the surface.

So the reason that I’m telling you all of this is because Jessica could use the support and encouragement of other women. Mothers, sisters, friends, aunts, cousins…strangers. Please rally around her and her family and do whatever you can. Say a prayer, write a note of encouragement at her blog and share the links I’ve posted below.

photo courtesy Photos by Colleen

For donations:  http://www.everribbon.com/ribbon/view/5066 

Jessica’s Blog: http://www.jheath.blog.com/

Thank you, friends.


  1. Well said……as the tears stream down my face……

  2. Thank you for sharing her story with us. Breaks my heart! Heading to her blog now…

  3. My heart aches for Jess and her family but…I will keep prayers and every bit of hope that I can gather..heading her way.

    Thanks for sharing, Kelli.

  4. jane@flightplatformliving says:

    boy! going over now to say hi! xxxx

  5. Oh my gosh the poor sweet girl. You are SUCH a good friend.

    I will go follow her site, have her delivered to my inbox, and subscribe to her RSS on my Reader where I’ll put her in my “Must-Read Blogs” folder. (That’s my own personal bloggy love trifecta recipe.) And then I’ll round it all off with many prayers on her behalf, and that of her family as well.

    Keep her smiling with your supercool Kelliness! You probably have no idea what your friendship means to her Kel. Xoxoxo

  6. Oh, the lump in my throat right now 🙁 I can’t even fathom. Will visit her right away…

  7. Sometimes words fail me. This is one of those times.

    Thank you for sharing Jess’s story…I will pass it along and pray for her and her family.

  8. Heartwrenching all the way around, but nothing God can’t handle. I’ll be praying for her and I’ll get the hubs on it too, for now, going to head over to her blog and make a new friend! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Deirdre Brackett says:

    I have visited the site to read about Jess’s journey. How is she doing since the surgery. Keeping her and her family in my prayers.

    • THanks for asking, Deirdre. She’s doing well and recovering. I’ll try to post an update, but Jess was able to do a post-surgery blog entry last week over at her blog. We were thrilled to see her at the preschool the other day!

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