Road Block or Detour?

Hello No. 7 Fans!

This is Eden E over at Evergreen Eden. (Enough E’s for you? I think not, you can never have too many E’s.)

While your darling hostess is out running around having a grand old time (just kidding Kelli, we are trying to imagine that know you’re working hard!) I thought I’d meander over and fill in for a day.

I have a little story to tell you. Which may or may not end up being so little, but you get the idea:

Late this last Friday evening I realized that my hubby and I had signed up for this awesome meditation class Saturday, and I’d forgotten to find a sitter. (Oh, and by the way? When I say “Friday evening,” that means somewhere around 1 or 2 a.m. Mountain Time. Because I work full-time graveyard shifts.)

(Which, btw, is where I am now and which is why this post will probably be “late” for some of you eastern folk who check your faves first thing in the morning. Heheh. Sorry.)

So, at that point I considered just cancelling our class. After all, we were set to go camping Saturday night, and I had nothing packed yet. And then I checked my email.

There was a message from the class teacher about Excuses. He said “running into things” is inevitable. But will we choose to let them stop us? Or find a way around them?

And so I decided that we were going, come hell or highwater. Little did I know how apropos the term “highwater” would turn out to be!

The morning wore on, the sun came up and eventually my shift ended. I texted everyone I could think of who might be willing to babysit, but so far I wasn’t getting any bites. (DUH.) So we went online to see what our options were for one of those hourly daycare places.

The options were slim, but we found one that seemed great – albeit a 30-minute drive in the wrong direction – and so Doug, who wasn’t too happy about leaving Weston “at some random daycare,” finally relented and let me call. As I went to hit “send,” my phone beeped: It was my darling next-door neighbor, saying she would love to have Weston come over for as long as we wanted! (Um, does she know our son? Sheesh, sweet lady.)

Phew! Possible daycare disaster: Avoided.

So the class was wonderful, and both of us came away feeling so positive that we decided we’d most definitely stick to our camping trip plans, even though the forecast called for rain. We’d have my daughter for just the one night (I HATE summertime visitation schedules.) The kids were SO excited. So even though we weren’t too thrilled about the impending downpour, we still decided to go for it.

After all, WeatherBug said it was only 40% chance of rain. So that means 60% chance of not rain, right? Riiiiight.

After class, we booked it home and loaded up the 4Runner. You guys, we got that thing entirely packed and ready to go in just under 2 hours, flat! And we didn’t even have a list!

Oh, don’t worry, there’s no foreshadowing going on here. We really did remember everything we would need, except maybe… Oh, wait. That’s right. My camera. (Of all the things to forget, I’m pretty sure that one rates right up there with “tent,” and “bottled water.”)

We hit the road and went to go pick up our girl, who by the way was at a wedding. (Don’t worry, I had remembered to bring her some clothes… oh, but I did forget her tennis shoes. Ahem.)

And then we hit roadwork. Now. For those of you who haven’t been introduced to the wondrous unbelievableness that is Utah’s summertime roadwork? Let’s just say, if you’re planning a trip to Utah, plan for surprises around every corner. Literally. Standstill traffic, Los Angeles style. (I’m from SoCal, so I can verify.)

Not just on the freeway (yes, only one… but lots of highways!) but also on the city streets. In fact, that’s where it’s the worst. I have literally jumped ONto the freeway during rush hour, just to get OFF of a certain road that is making me personally responsible for adding about 10 cubic feet of ozone depletion. (If you couldn’t follow that particular rant? Just nod/shake your head.) Moving on.

The roadwork just happened to be on the road that was lined with all the drive-thru restaurants. Drive-thru restaurants just happened to be part of our little “time-saving” plan for dinner. And we were starving. Of cousre, NOT so starving that Doug didn’t decide when we were already in line at one restaurant, that he didn’t like that one and he was going to a different restaurant. (*Ticking clock and Jeopardy music, please.*)

Fast forward literally one entire hour of idling engines, exhaust fume inhalation, under-breath cursing, and disgusting tacos, and we were at the reception hall picking up Jae.

Alright! So far so good! At this point I was getting a little grumpy and trying not to growl at my innocent family.

We stopped at the nearest supermarket to grab a few essentials (i.e., air mattress to replace the one my rambunctious and adorable nieces had popped, as well as a couple of extra tarps in case of rain.) I ended up spending just under $150. Depending on who you are, you might or might not say I was successful at just getting the bare essentials. I will leave that one open to interpretation.

Yup. Just the bare essentials.

Then we headed on up to the North Ogden Divide. Half an hour’s drive from where we were, and not one sign – NOT. ONE. sign, telling us that it would be closed. The reason? Road work. Did we find out until we go to the very bottom? No. So at this point, it was 8 pm. And now the shortest drive to get to the camping spots would be one hour long.

Yeah, summer days do go longer, but really?

So we took a second to step back and survey the situation…

And decided to go for it anyway! (Our meditation guy would be so proud.)

We drove there, all the way marveling at how the rain wasn’t so bad after all, and it looked like it was petering out, really.

Until we got there, found the last campground open (which was open, of course, because someone else was smarter than not as determined as we are) backed in, and stepped out of the car into…

Rain like you’ve never seen it rain. Yes, it started to really pour the second we opened our doors. So we jumped back inside, where I got really fidgety because the sunroof adding insult to injury, and leaking all over my arms.

I snapped at people, growled about what a total disaster of a pipedream this had been, and eventually drove us out of the campsite and down the street.

But then something happened. My poor, patient family was kind enough to remind me how badly they wanted to be there. How hard we had all worked to get there. And so I turned around, pulled back in, and we waited.

And five minutes after it had started, the rain slowed to a tiny sprinkle. Before the next deluge, we were able to get everything set up and make s’mores. Yeah, that’s right. It may have been a wet night, but we did it!

And we ended up having one of our favorite overnight camping trips, ever. I’m so glad we decided to JUST DO IT.

We all learned that when life gives you roadblocks (figuratively and literally) you can either go home, or make a detour!

And if you hung in this long, thank you for listening to my (1284 word) little story!