An Unspeakable Evil, aka Fan Fiction

Hello, beautiful and incredibly intelligent readers* of Narragansett No. 7!  It is I, Katie of Chicken Noodle Gravy, back to wreak havoc guest post while Kelli is away getting edumacated. When last we met, I shared with you a story of my Eighth Year and the evil force that scared the pee out of me back then. Today, I thought I would like to talk about a different but equally evil presence that haunted me later, during my teenage years.

In high school, my love for writing manifested itself in a horrible, demon form. A form upon which should we look upon now would render us all blind. That’s right, my friends, I wrote fan fiction. Please take a moment to let the tremendous weight of this information sink in.

You okay? Deep breaths. If you feel that you’re going to be “sick” at any point during the post, air sickness bags are provided for your convenience. Remember, it’s best to never stare directly into the eyes of fan fiction should you see any. Keep those eyes lowered and back away slowly; if you keep your posture nonthreatening, you should be fine.

Let’s continue.

I wrote fan fiction, but not just any run of the mill, Star Trek, Harry Potter, or Titanic fan fiction. No, I served the mother of all fan fiction, a fan fiction more monstrous than any you  can imagine: Days of Our Lives fan fiction. Dun Dun Dun!!

Okay, it’s not that bad, and maybe I am being a twinge overly dramatic, but I really did write fan fiction, and it really was for Days of Our Lives. I was what you might call an original fan fiction writer, meaning I used the characters of the soap opera but placed them in my own worlds, using my own plot lines.

Not only did I produce dozens of these stories, I shared them with the world in a forum dedicated specifically to Days of Our Lives fan fiction, where fellow writers, readers, and lovers of all things Days of Our Lives could indulge themselves. It was quite the operation.

During this brief yet prolific period of my writing past, I wrote what can only be referred to as romantic fiction. You might even call some of my stories chic-lit-ish. The common thread among my tales? They were all incredibly fun to write. Yes, a little fluffy but definitely FUN! Plus, the fan fiction community I was a part of was supportive and sweet, and I made some great friends there, one of whom I’m still friends with to this day.

Unfortunately, my fairy tale relationship with this community eventually came crashing down. A couple of fellow writers and I were the targets of some “mean girls” who ran the community. They had created a separate, private forum solely for the purpose of making fun of their community members, and I was one of their favorite targets. Eventually, this board became public knowledge. As an 18-year old girl, I was devastated when I learned that I was nothing but a joke to everyone but a select few friends. It might have only been fan fiction, but some of the things that were written about me were humiliating. A couple of us retaliated, but it was useless, sinking to their level only made us like them, so I eventually just left the community. It took awhile for me to recover from the embarrassment and hurt I felt after that experience. And for a while after that, I completely abandoned writing.

As you can see, I didn’t give up writing forever though…just fan fiction writing. And honestly, I wanted to be more than a fan fiction author anyway, so it was probably best that my love affair with that guilty pleasure played itself out.

But fan fiction will always be a part of my sordid past and will always remain my little secret. Shh…don’t tell anyone I told you.


*Totally not sucking up here. If you read Kelli’s blog, then you definitely are beautiful and incredibly intelligent. It’s a given. But if this does happen to earn me a few points, then so be it 🙂