Aw, Shucks…For Me?

Somehow, the power cord for my laptop stopped working and I haven’t been able to write for a few days. I think that little mouse that I trapped the other night has some buddies issuing payback in honor of the decedent. Even though I went to bed on Saturday night with a fully functioning cord, I woke to find it suspiciously frayed in one section. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Last week I was honored with not one, not two, but THREE awards! Lest the three lovely ladies who took the time to bestow their awards on me think I’m an ungrateful bitch, I’m saying thank you today. I’m writing this thank you post on my children’s ancient Mac and it ain’t easy!

If nothing else, I’d have to agree that my blog is versatile. Sure, lately I’ve been following a theme of disgust and humiliation, but historically speaking, I think my writing has run the gamut. I’ve bounced around between fiction, depression, ADHD, disgusting poop tales, dead rodents and true ghost stories. Well, my friend The Fancy Flea sent me this award early last week and I can’t thank her enough. It was timely. I had just posted the true story of my husband and I falling in love and followed with a heartfelt post about my last baby turning two. I then spent a few days being funny. Evidently, at least one reader only likes funny and let me know with a message that basically said, thank GOD I was being funny again because my last few posts were a real downer for her. Initially, I wanted to say something not-so-nice in response, but I held my tongue. If you know me well, you know what I wanted to say.

Seriously, wouldn’t the world be lovely if our lives were like sitcoms 24/7? Far be it from me to wish my husband a Happy (10th) Valentine’s Day by posting our love story or by wishing my baby girl a happy second birthday. Those aren’t funny. So, let’s hope my kids continue eating dog shit and swearing in public so no one gets bored reading about love and birthdays and other shmoopsie-poopsie crap.

At least The Fancy Flea appreciates me and “gets” that I’m versatile, dammit! Have you seen The Fancy Flea? Her photography is spectacular. Her talent provides me (and you) the opportunity to see the beauty of Australia through her eyes. She’s also incredibly kind. So, thanks Fancy Flea for appreciating me and all of my posts…even the not so funny ones.

Have you read anything written by Mollie at OK in UK? I’ll bet you have, but if you haven’t, you should. I mean, like right now. Mollie is a very talented writer and she’s living my dream of relocating to England. She possesses that dry wit that I love and she’s just plain cool. To think, Mollie included little ol’ me when she was passing out her Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks, man. I’ll stop being snarky for a moment and say that I am honored that you read No. 7. Now go over to OK in UK to enjoy her little one’s developing British accent and her brilliant post that exposes the lies behind the 5 second rule.

Straight from Mrs. Sherman at Mom’s Bookshelf & More came another Stylish Blogger Award. I’m honored that she picked me and so pleased that she finds the time to visit the slightly crass and off-beat world of No. 7. You need a strong stomach to visit me lately, what with my current theme of poop and dead mice. I’m glad she’s riding it out. Thank you Mrs. Sherman!

According to the rules of my new awards, I’m supposed to tell you some stuff about myself and pass the awards on to 7/15 bloggers who I love. And I will. Just not today because this damn Mac is killing me and it’s painfully close to Wine O’Clock. Pray that my new power cord shows up tomorrow. In the meantime, throw me a vote and cheer me up. This post isn’t funny and I fear it might piss someone off.

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Pay It Forward

Last week was a tough one for me. I battled with my old enemy, depression and struggled to pull myself out of its grasp. The holidays do that to some people, no? The downward spiral of feeling blue, self-hate and helplessness is tough to escape. More than anything, it’s frustrating as hell to get caught up in it and have no real defense except to ride it out and pray for that Zoloft to kick in to overdrive.

In the middle of Blues Fest, I locked myself in the master bedroom and read blogs. All. Day. Long. I escaped in the words and photography of others and caught up on my blog’s e-mail. I discovered some incredible new blogs…well, new to me. Dare I say, perhaps my bout with the blues was meant to happen? It forced me to sit down and pay some serious attention to my writing and “the blog”. Admittedly, my attention was elsewhere throughout December, so it was game on.

In the midst of my self-imposed bedroom seclusion, I was thrilled to find that a new friend, who happens to write a fantastic blog, had bestowed the Stylish Blogger Award upon me! It may seem small to you, but in the depths of my battle last week, my spirits were lifted. Thank you, Melody-Mae for your kind gift. I apologize for taking so long to pay it forward.

In order to accept my award, I am bound by the following rules…

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know you awarded them. 

Here are my 7:

  1. I’m a yeller. Shameful, but true…I yell. A lot. I’m hoping this is the side-effect of parenting three small children. I pray that my decibel level will return to a socially acceptable volume as the children grow older.
  2. I can’t relax in my house unless the room I’m in is neat and free of clutter. This may or may not be a side-effect of my brain’s faulty serotonin absorption, but who cares. At least my house is (mostly) clean.
  3. When I go shopping, I pick up items, carry them around and pretend I’m going to buy the whole pile. Then I drop them off at various points around the store and leave. Sorry retail workers…but I have three kids and can’t afford the pile anymore.
  4. I’m jealous of my husband’s ability to run, like 30 miles a week. Where does he get the drive?
  5. I sometimes miss the days when my husband and I ran together…before three children.
  6. I love. Absolutely LOVE to cook. I wanted to go to the Culinary Institute.
  7. I’m famous for planning elaborate, detail-oriented functions…then not going. I’m a wallflower and slightly anxious in social situations, but my attention to detail is legendary.

Now, for the 15 nominated bloggers.

  1. Of Woods and Words. She’s a fantastic writer. I check in almost every day to see what is happening in the wilds of Wisconsin.
  2. Another Cookie, Please! A friend and amazing writer who writes about life while caring for her mother, who was stricken by Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Mumsyhood. What can I say? Kitten takes the most incredible photographs of her beautiful daughter and shares the joys of new-Mumsyhood. She takes me back and helps me remember the wonder of my new babies. She always visits and leaves a comment for my blog. She’s been a HUGE source of encouragement. Thanks, Kitten!
  4. Freckles and Fudge. Vic’s photography is incredible and makes me long for the sun. She leaves thoughtful comments on No. 7. Her blog makes me smile and provides me with my fix for a beach day…even in the dead of winter in Maine. I can smell, hear and taste the beach when I log onto her blog. (Except for today when I logged on and saw stunning pictures of french fries and fish and chips. I’ve battled food cravings all day!)
  5. Inspire. Create. Bake. Need I say more? I salivate from the moment I log on and log off craving all of her recipes. Not to mention the stellar photography.
  6. For the Love of Blogs. A no brainer. This incredible community of bloggers is supportive and responsive. Through them, I have met so many wonderful new and talented people.
  7. Write Now, Write Later. Donna inspires me with her words and she’s a great source of information for fellow writers. She’s one talented and hard working lady. Plus, she asked me to guest post on her blog! Look for my post on Friday.
  8. Scenic Glory. Every single image is incredible. In fact, her blog is a visual feast. The graphics, the fonts…I love it so. Her posts are pretty awesome too! You should go check out her “What Would” Project.
  9. Crazy Days with IzzyB. Because she’s my friend. She makes me laugh. She bakes the most INCREDIBLE cookies. EVER. And I adore her Izzy who is possibly one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met. 
  10. The Coexist Cafe. She visits No. 7 often and always leaves the best comments. I lurk at The Coexist Cafe and steal the delicious vegetarian recipes. I read her very engaging posts and I am reminded of Dave and I before the three kiddos hopped on board. Her description of herself is as follows: “I am a writer, paralegal, eclectic Pagan, and vegetarian foodie and connoisseur.” Hmmm..sounds very familiar. 😉
And that, my friends is about all I’ve got in me today. These are the 10 that I visit and love. I suppose that stopping at 10 means I am breaking the rules of the award, but so be it. I just like that I get to share some of my favorites with you.

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