A Few of My Favorite Things…

Sometimes I go on a little shopping trip in Nevergonnahappenville. You know…the kind of shopping trip where you enter Bergdorf’s via Internet and go bat-shit crazy, filling up your cart with Blahniks and Choos and Marc Jacobs? When I’m done with my faux shop I like to take a gander at the damage I would have caused if I’d actually entered my credit card information. The grand total is generally enough to make me gasp and move along. Shop over. Hey, look! Reality’s knocking and it wants to punch me in the face.

I used to do that a lot.

These days I sometimes find myself perusing one of my favorite websites for household objects – mostly small and less expensive reproductions of expensive old things. Tonight the kids were animals, Blogger continues to evoke feelings of rage and potential violence against my laptop, so I checked out and went virtual shopping. Still riding my Brimfield high, here’s what I bought.

Bee Skep – Farmhouse Wares  
Vintage style striped table runner – Farmhouse Wares
White enamelware pitcher – Farmhouse Wares
Numbered jars – Farmhouse Wares
Preserved boxwood wreaths – Farmhouse Wares
Cloche – Farmhouse Wares

You can find all of these items at Farmhouse Wares and take a moment to check out their blog here.