Counting My Blessings

We drove up to LL Bean in Freeport yesterday to buy a new blue coat for a little girl who we don’t know. It felt fantastic. We explained ‘giving’ to the children in way we hoped they understand and let them help pick out the coat. Though, it is hard for little people to wrap their brains around a gift to an unseen person. They need to visualize a person’s face, I think. All that we could tell them is that there is a little girl who is four, she lives in our town, she likes the color blue and she needs a new, warm coat for winter. A good time was had by all, lessons were learned and we spent the day immersed in the holiday shopping rush.

I was just beginning to write about what a fantastic day it was, and then it struck me. The past two weeks have been ridiculously incredible. Making a girl (yes, I still call myself a girl) who battles a sometimes severe case of the wintertime blues, stop and smell the roses is a tough feat. What’s that, you ask? You’d like to know what has warmed my heart in this season of giving? Well, mostly it isn’t what, but whom

Gwen switched to the most amazing pre-school after we had a rather lackluster experience at her first alma mater. Thank you to my ballet mom support group who assured me that I wasn’t over-reacting to a couple of rough little boys, some hitting and a band-aid that went unmentioned by the teachers. Thanks to my new friend Susan, my little Cookie is safely ensconced at her new pre-school. She has attended for four days and, let me tell you, my little girl is beaming again. That dark veil of anxiety that had begun to cloud her beautiful little face has lifted. The place is magical and nurturing. Thank you, Susan for telling me about that fortuitous and coveted opening.

My new friend, Kitten from Mumsyhood bestowed her “Fierce Writer” award upon me. I am humbled, thankful and quite happily surprised that she paid me such an incredible compliment. Self-doubt tends to get in the way sometimes, but reading her description of me and my words brought tears to my eyes and made my heart swell. Kitten let me know that I’m on the right path. Kitten thinks I’m fierce. Thank you, Kitten.

Mumsyhood is a beautiful journal-style baby book, complete with fantastic photographs of Kitten’s gorgeous baby and all of their firsts. I love to read it and remember the wonder and awe of my first baby. She reminds me to slow down and take a good look at each of my ‘babies’. With three, life has become so hectic. Frankly, I sometimes get so lost in the day-to-day that I’ve forgotten that first-time mommy wonder. Head over to Mumsyhood and take a good long look at what a supportive, friendly and talented blogger looks like!

Have you ever spent time in the company of a person but never really gotten to know them? I did. I went to high school with one Mr. Sunny Lee. We passed in the hallways but ran in different crowds. He was smart and well-behaved and I was, well…not. My loss on all fronts.

Sunny, 1988
Luckily, Sunny and I connected courtesy of our 20th class reunion planning and Facebook. He very selflessly spent what I can only assume was a huge amount of time working on my blog this weekend. That was time he could have spent with his wife, Ro and their three adorable children. He took my very confusing and rambling description about how “I love old typography and I collect antique etchings and, oh…can you put some scrolly-things on there too?” and made my blog something that I love. He’s an amazing artist as well, having worked for Marvel Comics. I’m lucky to have made a friend, even if it took 20 years. Better late than never!
The Lee Family
Gwen has been dying for an Easy Bake Oven. I mean DYING! I happened to mention it on Facebook one day and, viola! Another school-mate from 20 years ago and her adorable daughter offered up a barely used oven and mailed it right out. Gwen was over the moon when the surprise box arrived and we’ve spent several hours baking delicious (barely edible) treats baked by the heat of a light bulb. Yum. Gwen sat down and drew Brittany and McKenna a thank you picture yesterday afternoon. It’s in the mail. Thank you, Brittany and McKenna for that wonderful gift. Gwen and I appreciate your thought!

Over the summer, I made a new friend on Facebook. We grew up in the same town in southern New York State, know some of the same people, but had never met. Her name is Patti and she has been one of the biggest supporters of No. 7. We share a weird obsession with photos of Suri Cruise dressed like a tiny, little woman, complete with high heels. They make us laugh. We also like to poke fun of those (un)Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Patti messaged me last week and let me know that she’s sending Gwen a box of her daughter Brigid’s beautiful clothes. Outgrown of course! We wouldn’t want Brigid wandering around nude, would we? Thank you Patti and Brigid. We’ll cook you a nice dinner next summer when you get back up to your beloved Vacationland.

Last, but certainly not least, Patty from Another Cookie, Please! I’ve known Patty for a whole bunch of years, but it wasn’t until I started blogging that we really became friends. Patty is an incredibly talented writer who is writing a book about her relationship with her mother, who was afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease. The snippets I’ve seen are touching and heartbreaking. I can only assume the book will be a page-turner. I can’t wait to read it.

Patty has been incredibly supportive of my blog and some of my darker posts in particular. Simply put, she inspires me. I’m thrilled to call her my friend. Head over to her blog and encourage her to keep writing her amazing blog.

Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for reading.