It’s in the Bag

Ah, winter in Maine…If you happen to be a faithful reader, you know of my borderline-deranged attachment to the beach and all things summer. If you are just joining me, welcome! My name is Kelli and I love summer and the ocean, preferably at the same time.
Late January has rolled around and I have just about had it up to here (that’s somewhere around the middle of my forehead) with 10 degree weather and blizzards. Why, just yesterday I shook my fist at the Gods of Snow and cursed them for causing yet another snow day. Perhaps sensing that I was teetering upon the brink of utter insanity, David arranged for a babysitter this afternoon. We had five – yes, you read that right, FIVE hours sans children. Come on…say it with me:
Today was supposed to be spent reading yet another memoir and wrapping up loose ends on my MFA application due in..jeez, one week and three days. Instead of hunkering down and being a hermit all day, I skipped. I ditched… played hooky and you know what? It was fun. I can’t tell you the last time that Dave and I spent five hours alone. We took advantage of our temporary freedom with a trip to Freeport.
If you aren’t from Maine, or haven’t been lucky enough to visit yet, Freeport is home of the LL Bean flagship store. It is also filled with outlet shopping and a Starbucks. Don’t forget the venti non-fat latte! Mostly, Freeport is home to one of my favorite stores. Until today, I have only ever gone in and wistfully stared. It’s hard to rationalize a purchase when you have three children to feed, clothe and entertain. Today we almost walked by. My heart wasn’t into shopping. It’s been so darn long since I’ve actually gone shopping unfettered, that I think I’ve forgotten how to do it. Dave, sensing that the world was off-kilter, grabbed my hand and led me into my favorite Freeport haunt. Sea Bags.
Weird, I know…just this past week I was raving about Sea Bags on the Narragansett No. 7 Facebook page. Having grown up on a beautiful lake in the Adirondack Mountains, I had the good fortune of learning to sail at a young age. To me, there is nothing quite as beautiful as watching a sail unfurl and fill with the wind. The crisp snap of the sail as the boat comes about and rides the wind across the lake is nearly magical. I miss sailing.
I discovered Sea Bags a few years ago. I was drawn to the window by the nautical colors. What I saw when I peered through the glass took my breath away. Totes made from recycled sails? Sheer genius. Alas, I admired them and their nautical glory from afar, wistfully sighing whenever I spotted a lady about town with that fantastic anchor tote slung over her shoulder. Like I said…three kids puts a damper on my purchasing power.
Well, the stars must have been aligning this week because Dave spied a bin of Sea Bags that were being offered at a steep discount. He bought me my first Sea Bag for the bargain basement price of $45! (Usually somewhere around $150.)
Hannah Kubiak, Sea Bags (who graciously allowed me to take her picture)
We also had the good fortune of meeting Hannah Kubiak, one of the co-owners of Sea Bags, who gave us a quick run down on the history of this Maine-based company. She gives credit to her dad, who founded Port Canvas, Co. in Kennebunkport, for coming up with the original Sea Bag…back when it was just a cool bag…made out of a sail. The bags are constructed from recycled sails right at 24-25 Custom House Wharf in Portland, Maine. I love that the company is staying true to it’s Maine heritage.

I love the notion that each bag possibly carried boats and the people who loved sailing them around the world. Someone struggled, waited, laughed, cursed at and then lovingly recycled their sail. My tote has a history. It has been filled with mysterious breezes, but I’ll never know it’s story. I can only imagine. Number 25 will accompany me to the beach this summer. In the meantime, it will be my reminder that there are only 60 more days until spring. Maybe this summer I’ll get one with a big ol’ No. 7 sewed on.

If you are interested in owning a Sea Bag, or just reading about this cool, Maine-based business head over to and check them out. If you plan on visiting Maine, stop in and check out one or both of their locations.

P.S. I am in no way compensated for my post, I just like to share good stuff!

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